Trench sheets

Euro Verbau sheet piling is a high-quality rolling product which we roll out in different shapes, widths, heights, material thicknesses and steel grades. Our robot, equipped with a plasma burner, makes any shape, diameter and location of the lifting holes possible.

Using the latest techniques, we produce our trench sheets from hot-rolled coils in our modern production facilities in Mönchengladbach. The tolerances on the end product are according to Euronorm 10249 1 & 2.

Depending on the profile, our sheet piling can be rolled in material thicknesses of 4 to 8 mm, Which sheet piling can be used depends on the soil conditions, the free height, the available workspace and the method of insertion.

Flexibility and fast delivery times are advantages that we can guarantee you with our modern production facility.

Trench sheet KD 4 and KD 6

The light and stable KD4 profile with its special design and low profile height is usually used in projects with little free height of the trench.

The KD6 profile is constructed with the large overlapping edges and therefore more for robust work.
This profile guarantees a reliable and trouble-free guidance of the profiles as a wall.

These sheet piling is ideal, and partly designed, to be used in the sheet piling frames of Euro Verbau. In this way, Euro Verbau sheet piling guarantees flexibility, efficiency and productivity for every project.

Euro Verbau is DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN 1090 EX. 2 certified


Profile KD 4

Abbildung Kanaldielenprofil KD 4
 Thickness  3mm - 6mm

The light weigth KD 4 profile has a special design and a small heigth.
This makes the profile highly suitable for small excavations.

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Profile KD 6

Abbildung Kanaldielenprofil KD 6
 Thickness  6mm - 8mm

The KD 6 profile, with its higher upright sides, is very suitable to build walls 
in deeper excavations.

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Coils am Lager zur Herstellung der Kanaldielen
Produktion unserer Kanaldiele KD 6 in 8mm
Kanaldielen geladen und transportfertig
Kanaldiele KD 4 wird in ein Mini Dielenkammerelement eingebaut und auf Tiefe gebracht mittels Ausheben und drucken