Hydraulic Press Box DPV 600

The hydraulic press box (DPV) is in many cases the only sufficient way to be able to shore. It offers many advantages in the vicinity of existing buildings, poor soil conditions or small workspaces.
The press box works almost without settlements and vibrations and is extremely suitable to work there where cables and pipes are crossing the trench. We offer this machine for rental.


alarm Quick assembly and installation
hearing Silence
all_out No Vibrations
landscape No Pre Excavation
security Safe and economic
height Punctual trench
event Limited time of open trench

Hydraulic Press Box

Dielen Press Verbau DPV 500
 max. Depth:  5,5m
 Pipe inlay length:  6.040mm
 Overall Length:  6.700mm


Foto einer unserer hydraulischen Verbaumaschinen DPV
Abladen und Aufbau der Dielen Press Verbau Maschine
Arbeitsanfang Aushub am Anfang des Grabens mit der Dielen Press Verbau Maschine
Hydraulische Verbaumaschine im Einsatz schmale Strasse mit Bebauung