Pits and corner rail systems

The Corner Slide Rail system essentially functions as the regular
slide rail system, only it is made in a corner shape so that corners
and trenches can be shored. With single or double rails, this system
ensures higher speed and safety while working. Normally the corner
slide rails are delivered in 90°. If desired, there are also other
angles available.

* Systems with free working area of 8x8m or 20mx16m (with our RGV system)
   are possible.

Example of a pit

Baugrube bei der Strabag AGR auf der Deponie Schermbeck

Single or double corner rail system

Render unserer Einzelschacht Baugrube
 Max. depth:  7.400mm
 Max. pipe clearance:  -
 L x W:  2.000mm - 8.000mm

Croner rail system with single or double corner rails and in combination with slide rail panels in lengths of 2.0m to 8,0m length.

Corner slide rail system with rear waler anchoring

Render unserer Baugrube mit Rückengurt und Trägerfußabstützung
 Max. depth:  7.400mm
 Max. pipe clearance:  -
 LxW:  variable

After installing the corner rail system, it is possible to remove the spindles or parallel slides from the slide rails. This after the HEB walers have been placed outside the trench support system with our RGV (rear belt anchorage) and the slide rails have been secured to the bottom of the trench with girders that are lost and remain in the ground. Many combinations are possible with our systems in order to create the necessary free working space.

Corner slide rail system with standard struts or frames

Render unserer Dreifachschacht Baugrube
 Max. depth:  7.400mm
 Max. pipe clearance:  -
 LxW:  up to 26m

It is also possible to create pits with several fields without supports in order to obtain a larger working space.
In this way, pits of, for example, 20 x 18 meters can be made.
Such pits can be created  based on a static calculation that shows what materials can be used.


Baugrube mit Doppel Echgleischienen und Verbauplatten
Einfacheckgleitschienen Baugrube mit Schutzschienen zum Schutz beim drücken der Gleitschienenplatten
Einfach Baugrube mit Einfachechgleitschienen
Sonderbaugrube mit einen freien Raum von 16x10m