Our delivery programm

Trench shoring for almost every demand.

Trench shoring systems are very applicable in every conceivable trench in inner and outer urban areas. We offer systems such as the well-known box systems, sheet pile frames, various slide rail systems and corner slide rail systems for a safe and economical favorable installation of pits and trenches. Our systems have been deployed and proven in thousands of applications worldwide. Thanks to our modern production, we can deliver new shoring systems and special solutions in the shortest possible time.

Construction and Safety.

Our shoring systems are designed and manufactured with a view to a high safety and service life and comply with European standards. In the continuous development of our trench formwork systems, our technicians and engineers combine decades of experience based on intensive cooperation with our customers.

Our systems are statically calculated and approved by the BG-Bau.
Individual systems manufactured according to the customer's wishes, and which have not been approved by the BG-Bau, are calculated by an external engineer and tested according to the applicable standards and safety factors.


Euro Verbau Guarantees

Quality made in Germany
Proven safety
Approved by the BG-Bau
Deployability in combination with other systems.
Parts and spare parts directly available from stock
Our trench shoring is produced by experienced specialists under strict quality requirements.
All parts, all steel and materials are supplied by certified rolling mills and steel companies located in Germany.