Slide Rail Systems

Strong trench shoring systems with single, double, and parallel slide rails.
The base panels in combination with the slide rails form a contiguous trench shoring system and is ideal for deep excavations and large pipe diameters. Particularly suitable for trenches with high ground pressures and in the vicinity of buildings. With the use of our shoring systems, optimal safety is guaranteed. You can choose from 3 variants, i.e. standard, super and parallel slide rail. Different dimensions and special constructions can be built according to the customer's wishes.


Maximum depth

Tiefengrafik Gleitschienensysteme

Single Slide Rail System

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 Max. depth  3,7m
 Pipe clearance  1,8m
 Panel length  2m - 8m

The smallest system i.e. single slide rail system can be offered in all 3 variants. This system is usually used in urban areas and is suitable for the most diverse soil types.

Double Slide Rail System

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 Max. depth  7,4m
 Pipe clearance  3m
 Panel length  2m - 8m

The base panels slide in 2 different guides. This guarantees a simple installation and pulling of the system. The weights and forces distribute themselves extremely favorably on the plates and beams, which also simplifies the pulling of the system.

Triple Slide Rail System

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 Max. depth  8,5m
 Pipe clearance  3m
 Panel length  2m - 8m

Worldwide the strongest slide rail system with 3 rails. This system can be used up to 8.5 meters depth. Both the European and the reinforced American slide rail panels can be used with this system.


Standard Slide Rail

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An economically advanced system that is ideal for installation depths of 4 to 6 meters. Particularly suitable to prevent settlement of the soil. The spindle system between the slide rails is equal to the spindle system of our box systems.

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Super Slide Rail

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A stronger version of the slide rails with spindle systems. This slide rail has a very high bending moment and, due to its construction with slide plates, has the possibility to remove the spindles after installation. This gives the possibility, in combination with the use of corner slide rails, to create large excavations without props.

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Parallel Slide Rail

The development of the parallel slide rail system is the answer to the ever-increasing safety requirements. Due to its rigid construction, with the help of a rigid frame with bearing rollers, the setting of the soil can be minimized.

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Corner Slide Rails

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Single, double or triple corner guide beams guarantee a fast installation and pulling of square and rectangular trenches. By default, the angles are 90 degrees. Other corners can also be realized according to the customer's wishes.


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Slide Rail Panels

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Panels in different lengths, with or without rollers, and with the possibility of reinforced reinforcement. With the KRI version, the trench on the inside becomes smooth, with the KRA version on the outside. By using KRI and KRA plates in a double slide rail, there is enough space between the plates to guide a flat KD 6 sheet pile.

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