Trench Boxes

A ground box is spoken of when the plates form a unit with the spindles.
This unit, trench box, is an advantage when used in trenches with not too much free height. These boxes are usually not suitable for large excavations because in general the occurring ground pressure, the self-weight and the, usually small, excavator do
not allow this. Euro Verbau offers the right trench box for every situation.
The different boxes are easy to use and always offer an economical solution. Different dimensions and specific requirements can be built according to the customer's wishes.


Working Depth

Tiefengrafik Box-Verbausysteme

Mini-Box MB60

Render unserer Mini-Box
 Max. depth  3m
 Pipe clearance  0,96m
 Length  1,2m - 3,5m

The light and universal ground box for small excavations. The ideal depth for working with this box is 1.5 to 2.5 meters. The mini-box is particularly suitable for the relocation or remediation of gas and water pipes. The assembly of these elements is simple, and these boxes can be placed in the trench with the help of small excavators. The minibox cannot be digged in using the bucket of the crane. It can only be placed in a pre excavation.

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City-Box VB60

Render unserer City-Box
 Max. depth  3,7m
 Pipe clearance  1,33m
 Length  2m - 3,5m

Because of its spindles, which are also used in most other boxes and guide beam systems, the stable City box is ideal for small to medium-sized pipe diameters.
The occurring ground pressure is absorbed by the spring spindle holders and the spindles between the plates. In this way, a safe stable installation and extension during excavation, replenishment and compression is guaranteed.


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Standard Box VB 100 and VB 120

Render unserer Standard-Box
 Max. depth  5,2m
 Pipe clearance  1,55m
 Length  2m - 5m

The Standard Box is the most versatile and most widely used ground box worldwide.
By using extensions, it can be used up to a depth of 5.2 meters.

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Manhole VB 60 and VB 100

Render unserer Manhole-Box
 max. Tiefe:  5,2m
 max. Durchlass:  1,55m
 Länge:  2m - 4m

This box is an interesting development of the Standard Box and is produced in 3 variants with 400 mm to 600 mm long corners. Ideal to use as an independent shoring unit. This box is particularly suitable for placing wells.

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Drag Box

Render unserer Schlepp-Box
 max. Tiefe:  5m
 max. Durchlass:  3,5m
 Länge:  3m - 8m

The Drag box is ideal for use in the open field and is particularly suitable for protecting the personnel and minimizing the excavation. These boxes are built entirely according to the customer's wishes, whereby one has the possibility to adjust length, height and width.

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Sheet pile frame

Render unserer Dielenkammer
 max. Tiefe:  7,5m
 max. Durchlass:  6,5m
 Länge:  2m - 6,5m

The sheet pile frame is a system with panels, spring spindle holders and spindles. The panels are equipped with guides in which, depending on the version, KD4 or KD6 sheet piling can be placed. This system can be used independently or in combination with trench boxes and/or slide rail systems. With this system it is possible to cross cables and pipes without any problems.


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