Mobile Construction Roads

Safe access for heavy equipment

When construction work in remote places that are not accessible via paved paths or roads, construction companies are often faced with a simple-sounding but not so simple challenge: How do the heavy construction vehicles get safely on their place and without damaging the ground? The solution for this is mobile construction roads.

Euro Verbau offers this for rent in both steel and plastic and thus covers numerous possible applications: from setting up a wind turbine to large infrastructure projects to setting up a temporary cycle path in the city centre. In principle, thanks to mobile construction roads, almost any location can be made safely accessible. Different sizes and thicknesses are available here, with or without draw holes.

For large projects: Steel road plates

Mobile Fahrbahnstrasse

The high-quality steel road plates are suitable, among other things, as a temporary surface for large infrastructure projects in civil engineering, road and on-shore engineering. In addition, they can be used to easily create footpaths, emergency paths or even parking spaces, if there is a need for them as part of their construction measures. Road plates with draw holes allow easy handling. A road plate without draw holes, on the other hand, completely protects silty soils and prevents mud tracks.

Easy to handle: Plastic road plates


Even easier to handle are plastic road plates. This is why they are often used in smaller inner-city infrastructure projects – for example as a temporary cycle path. In addition, they can also protect sensitive roads and pavements.